The book “THE CRISIS IN THE MIDDLE CLASS CONSTITUTION” by Ganesh Sitaraman changed the way I look at where America and most other democracies are today.  Our constitution was based in large part on Aristotle’s theories, and Machiavelli’s more egalitarian agenda.  “THE PRINCE” is Machiavelli’s best known work, but not his most important.

History has shown that democracy cannot endure with a very rich minority owning too much of the wealth.  We’re in a state like the Gilded Age, which collapsed, leading to revolutionary movements.   The political leaders and especially the courts have turned  our constitution on its head, in a long term plan.  Powerful corporations, which the founders feared, are omnipotent.  They have unharnessed power, because of a corrupt Supreme Court.  Religious freedom now means no freedom of religion; the right of corporations to force employees to follow the religious dogma of the owners, which incidentally will produce cheap labor.  All forms of government have their weaknesses, and this is precisely what Aristotle, the founding fathers and Roosevelt warned against.

James Tugend

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