“Molten Meditations Before Vanishing” by Anna Tsvell,

Mary: “My conflict is not shame, it’s just that I’ve sold myself short. I’m not giving myself a chance. I’ve taken the easy way out.”

Diane: “Showing escorting as a wonderful adventure would be false. most of the girls that I know suffer from extreme self-esteem problems, alcohol and drug problems, even some of the most successful ones. ….it would be a huge mistake to only portray one facet of this lifestyle since what you are talking about is the smallest part of this profession.”

Kirsten:   “The clients were wonderful people.  It wasn’t very difficult.  Most of the guys are great; city councilmen, church goers, doctors, anyone and everyone; normal, successful, hard working.”

Kelly: “No matter how independent you think you are, you’re still affected by the attitudes of the world…The Christmas holidays are sometimes a bit lonely in this business because it’s family time and that’s something we generally don’t have.”

Devon: “I have had the opportunity to travel to some wonderful places with clients, and see many things, which I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to. I have been to several countries, stayed in some of the finest hotels, and traveled via business class or private jet.

“One of my clients makes a point of booking me for a full day or two every six months. The purpose of this is to spoil me and take care of me. I get to make the schedule and we can do or go wherever I please. There is no physical intimacy unless I request that he gives me a massage. These “dates” began when I was involved with a man, and was so busy working that I hadn’t taken time off to go to a movie, play golf, or go hiking in over a year. This client wanted to make sure that I was getting out to enjoy life, at least a little, while still bringing in an income.

“One of the best things about working in the manner I do is my independence. I schedule my work around my life. Family, friends, studies, volunteering, working out, and a wide array of other things can take precedence. I am not willing to give up that freedom at this point.”

Goddess Rose: “I felt like I was Eve in the Garden of Eden. And I was taking that apple. You know, as soon as my hand went down there it was like, What am I doing? And it wasn’t so bad. It was like you go to the doctor and you go ‘Ah’ and then the needle comes out. And you feel, ‘Oh that wasn’t so bad’. And then I did another one.

“But what it DID do for me, is it really brought up my self-esteem. A little bit was about my looks. I didn’t used to see myself as attractive but now I was being told all the time that I was attractive. And, actually, my clients were nicer to me than any boyfriend or husband had ever been. They would call me up and see how I was feeling, or if I wanted to go somewhere and get something to eat.  Just come and spend time with me, because they knew I was lonely.  Not ask for a session and not try to have sex with me…

“The thing that had bothered me was seeing married men.  I wondered, am I breaking up homes?  Do they withhold things from their wives to see me?  I felt responsible for how a wife may feel.  But after having all the married men feeling better after seeing me, it didn’t seem to be an issue any more.  I didn’t feel I was hurting anyone’s marriage…”

“Through The Soul” by Anna Tsvell,

Toni: “My mom was a slut. Used to beat the crap out of me, and was jealous when I reached puberty. My life in this business has been filled with such bizarre and wonderful adventures that I can’t help but want to share it with the world.”

Erica: “While in college I decided to go to Greece after doing a summer study-abroad in Ireland. When I got home my bills had piled up and I couldn’t catch up or pay my rent. This was way before I knew anything about what I am doing now. Had I known then, what I know now – I would have bought the condo I was renting instead – with cash! Hey, that’s a book idea, ‘Get rich quick by being a hooker.’ (that was a joke – and I don’t really use the word ‘hooker’)

Las Vegas Escort: “Independent escorts are home owners, they pay taxes. Escorts spend their money, have their share of community involvement, vote, and are scout leaders. The cops are hypocritical. The escort business supports fine clothing stores, hair and nail salons, and so on. They bring a lot of cash to town.

“I read The Happy Hooker when I was 12. My mother had it hidden in her room. When she finished reading it, the book ended up in a pile in the back of the closet with the rest of the far less lurid paperbacks. I proceeded to fish it out from the recesses of her closet and read it in secret everyday when I came home from school. The book stimulated me and actually turned me on. I wondered about the profession and what it would be like. Of course, I never thought I would seriously do it, being the good little Catholic girl that I was.”