Selling Sex In The 21st Century

Empowerment? Escorts in their own words

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A unique and contemporary view of the sex trade by James Tugend, with commentary by Christine Peterson, Ph.D.

Prepare to be stunned at how the internet and public media have radically changed the sex mores of a generation, liberating the sex business, and the lives of sex workers, for better and for worse.  Based on numerous candid interviews with providers of sexual services as well as their clients, both Dr. Christine Peterson and the author were deeply affected by the “truth” revealed in provocative interviews over several years. This realistic and compassionate book is intended to help reduce prejudice towards escorts, and dispel the myths that they are all helpless victims.  The survivors relish the freedom and sense of power; but for many, the sex business is a terrible trap.

Sex Trade Explodes Online – Opinions Collide

  • Why do millions of women choose to sell sex today?
  • Are sex workers as happy with their work as they claim on the internet?
  • What are their lives really like, including self-esteem?

This book is based on over a hundred verbatim interviews of sex workers [providers] and their clients [hobbyists], taken by phone or email.  Reviews on Amazon.

The average American interacts with electronic media more than personal relationships, objectifying and replacing human interactions.  An hour or two of superficial sex is seen as enough.

As in much of life, sex providers can raise their self-esteem, enjoy power over men, and control their lives, if they have the strength to be true to themselves.   A great many don’t.  Successful providers caution not to sugar-coat it, their work is damaging to many or most women.

The book contains observations by the author and Christine Peterson, Ph.D., a professor and practicing psychologist, who creates a new, compassionate psychological theory, which weaves together the book’s themes.  Male clients are victims too.

New Trends in the Sex Business & Feminism

  • Escorts and clients in their own words
  • The potential to boost self-esteem and earnings
  • Improving or ruining lives, depending on personality, circumstances and approach
  • Conflicting theories
  • Psychological analysis and new theory by Christine Peterson Ph.D.

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